Our Partners

GMO TECH, Japan partner.

Since its establishment in December 2006, the company has consistently provided services for customer acquisition via internet. They mainly engaged in Search Engine Optimization service at the initial stage. Then we started our ad-network service on smart phones called "GMO SmaAD", foreseeing that information gathering on smart phones should take a central part in internet business. In 2014 we also started an Easy App Builder for store promotions, "GMO App Capsule."

Ajay, Australia partner.

Ajay capacity is in providing clients with the best professional IT solutions and establishing the best business processes suited for the organistation. Ensuring the successsful delivery of projects with high quality and within time and cost.

He is passionate about continously innovating ways to provide the best IT solutions that are built on strong relationships of trust.

We are partners of

  • google
  • google-adwords
  • google-analytics
  • bing
  • search
  • seo

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