Our Process



Step.1: Internet marketing Strategy Development

This is the primary and also the most important section for a successful online selling campaign. We have a tendency to analysis and present you with an online marketing set up that's best suited to your business. This section also will facilitate establish initiatives, which can turn out transformational business results.

Internet Marketing Strategy Development includes:

Identifying and setting the objectives

This is the primary part that lays the foundation for our engagement. We’ll work with you in understanding and process your objectives for either rising your existing on-line marketing initiatives or launching new ones.

Fact-finding and assessment

We move to the second section of engagement once we have a tendency to mutually conclude that we are able to add a win-win situation. We’ll build a close assessment of the pre-requisites for launching an online selling initiative.

Measurement and Quantification

In this section we'll give quantitative results and forecasts of expected results from investments in on-line marketing.

Recommendation and Plans

This is the last activity of Strategy Development. We offer you with a transparent pathway to implement internet marketing strategies.

Step.2: Internet marketing plan Setup

At the internet marketing setup stage we take the strategies from Step one and implement it on your web site. We tend to split the integrated methods into SEO, PPC, Link Building, Social Media and other activities and assign specialists for each. We also develop some fast wins for you. Clients with their initial foray into internet marketing will get to experience the potential returns at this stage. Different businesses will start experiencing a shift within the results they're generating out of their current initiatives.

SEO set up Setup

We optimize all aspects of a webpage as per the current search engine formula. However, we believe that content on a website is primarily for the guests and not bots. User experience is what drives our on page optimization set up.

PPC Setup

PPC setup part consists of Keyword and Ad Development, Campaign setup and testing. It includes competition strategy analysis.

Social Media Setup

We integrate the key Social Media drivers into the website and additionally prepare the bottom work for a long term Social Media marketing campaign.

Step.3: Internet marketing tactics maintenance

This is the ongoing activity where we measure the results against the benchmarks and tweak the program. We tend to additionally closely monitor the competition and implement proactive and reactive changes to the program.

SEO Maintenance

We closely monitor the indexing and ranking across search engines and tweak the optimization. This additionally includes key phrase enlargement to incorporate seasonal searches and new geographies.

PPC Maintenance

PPC maintenance includes continuous fine tuning of campaigns to improve key success matrices together with ROAS (Return on advertisement Spend), Conversion, Click Through etc.

Social Media marketing

Social Media marketing includes continuous observance the buzz within the social media space, monitoring competition and implementing new tactics to reach out to the thought leaders and brand ambassadors.

Accreditations And Awards

  • Google Partner
  • Bing-Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • SEJ
  • SEO Authority