Internet Marketing for the Solo Performer

Posted on: 2021-08-03

One of the consequences of the Internet is the emergence of a new position in the corporate world. The Chief Marketing Officer is the title for this post (CMO). This role, which is still in its infancy, lays various demands on a single individual.

You may be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of a small home-based firm. When there are so few people willing to help, it may appear absurd to divide responsibilities.

A CMO may be a realistic alternative for increased Internet Marketing if your company is huge.

This personnel are in charge of elements such as customer support, product marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and advertising and promotion.

These people are best described as multi-taskers. They must be well-versed in a wide range of talents and be able to use these skills as needed. If the individual lacks some of the necessary talents, they should either try to gain the skills or be able to outsource the needs while still serving as project manager.

Interestingly, a CMO may change roles every two years, which is why CEOs should grasp the complicated and demanding environment in which a CMO must operate.

Because certain techniques of internet marketing are difficult and require a substantial learning curve, internet marketing may be time-consuming.

Whether your firm is large enough to get a CMO or small enough for one person to do everything, it is crucial to acknowledge the possibility of outside aid.

There are several freelancers that may provide services such as logo creation, podcast creation, unique experience and understanding material, and SEO aid.

The employment of a freelancing specialist may be a critical component to the immediate growth of a certain area of your online company while you work to master the skills required to make your site distinctive using your own talents.

I'd like to recommend two websites that offer free logo and audio creation: and

These websites are populated by people who are either graphic design specialists or voice over artists who will complete requests when they have time. Many businesses use logos or music from these two sites to improve their websites or phone system announcements.

You don't need a CMO to be successful, but you do need to be ready to work hard to find methods to achieve. This is a characteristic of the entrepreneurial spirit. If you have it, you will most likely find success; if you don't, you must get it quickly.

This determination is essential whether you own a business, operate a business, and try to sell that business.

It isn't an issue of whether you believe it makes sense or not. In an internet environment, if you don't find a means to let others know you exist, you won't last long.

If necessary, act as your own CMO, but get your message out there. Someone needs to hear it, and you are most interested in spreading the news.