Reputation Management

Posted on: 2020-08-08

What is Reputation Management

Reputation Management is an effort to influence and engage with your audience and curate the way people think of you. Since most communication happens online, Reputation management can be truly helpful.

Online Reputation is quite significant for brands since it’s directly related to brand growth and lead generation.


Why Reputation Management is Important for Brands?

  • It impacts your sales and marketing
  • Essential for Business Survival
  • Evident for Personalities and Companies
  • Demand for Start-up's
  • Relies upon Ethics in online marketing


Ethics in Online Reputation

It has become evident that, while preparing marketing strategy one has to ensure that Ethics are at the right place. Incorporating websites, Blogs, Social Media Marketing, Mobile apps and Email are all significant drivers in online reputation.
The prominent aspects of Ethics in Online Marketing are

Product/Service Information: Make sure you provide complete details related to your product. it isn’t advisable to hide any sort of information for a solid Online Reputation

Trustful Advertising: Ensure, the advertising you’ve been running over online has to 100% truth. Promoting or advertising fake offers will lead to rampant fall in online reputation

Vulnerable Customers: targeting customers with a history of dissatisfaction should be done with utter carefulness. Any misinterpretation or disproportionate ideology might significantly hamper reputation build over time.

NO Cheats in SEO: Since content is King, at times digital marketers inadvertently use backlinks, Keywords to the rank of top pages. This short tricks might hamper your overall Google reputation.

Respect Privacy: While building a reputation, it’s mandatory to avoid any privacy violation. Extracting data through wrong mediums might hamper online reputation build over time.


What can you control about Reputation Protection?

If you’ve made till now in the article, you’d probably aware of how fickle is reputation. Here listed are prominent aspects which acknowledge some ways to manage your reputation. In other words, an attempt to what people see about you.

Assess your current situation

Just google your company results. Jot down all the results you receive, Positive or Negative.

Monitor your search Results

Keep a careful watch of what your audience says about you online. Deliver response and reply irrespective of them being positive or negative. If negative, get in touch with you in a satisfied customer.

Create Positive Content

Deliver as much as possible positive content on channels you can control. Engage you’re your audience on Websites, Blog and Social Media Pages.

Focus on Building Brand

The brand value is quite significant over here. Be transparent with what you work and your ideology. Ensure to keep your audience updated with the latest you’ve been working on.


How did Reputation Management Services help?

Reputation can be managed to a certain extent. It’s all about what people think about you and how they perceive you. Most reputation management issues rely on online mediums. Below listed are prominent aspects, where most Reputation Management companies target upon.

Negative News Articles & Images

News is what the first thing your audience would go through when searching for business. Newsfeeds and leaked images can forge a holistic opinion about your brand. So reputation management involves removing such negative articles.

Wikipedia & Blogs

Wikipedia and blogs are the platforms, where most people read about your brand. Wikipedia is although more reliable than blogs, misinformation can lead to unwanted sentiments.

Review sites & Social Media

These are platforms where people are free to express their views. Since most of the audience is present on a certain social media, it’s the best platform for the brand to target their audience.