Cyber Consultation

Ooi Solutions have  years of experience in Cyber Consultation. As an experienced Cyber Consultation Specialists, we can help you to maintain security assurance for business.

Enterprise Cybersecurity Expertise


Developing, evaluating and implementing cybersecurity policy.


Conducting risk and vulnerability assessments.


Securing and optimizing your business most critical and private information.

We commit to you as your partner in information security

Service will include:

  • Enterprise security architecture design and re-design
  • Application and software security assurance
  • Vulnerability and risk assessments
  • Configuration management, design, and remediation

We Help You To Fullfill Your Needs Requirements

Investigating vulnerabilities, testing for external and internal threats, or engineering a hardened IT security environment, we deliver the capabilities you need for information security and assurance

Understanding the total realm of possibilities is critical to defending the cyber domain.  More than a vendor of technical capabilities, we act as outside counsel to ensure you have an objective view of your security posture and IT risk management strategy. We provide independent advice based on your industry’s best practices and more than two decades’ experience in protecting the information of global organizations.

Every business faces its own set of challenges

But with our Cyber Security Consulting, we offer a no-compromise solution that eliminates new hire commitments while delivering the executive-level counsel needed to succeed. Gain a level of service previously only afforded by larger enterprises. We’ll work alongside management to best align security policies and practices with business objectives to advance your operational goals.

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