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AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)

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AJAX is the acronym of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is an amalgamation of several languages and technologies and widely used by the top Organizations worldwide for developing agile and scalable web-based software applications. It gives your website a fresh new look powered by AJAX which also enhances developers productivity. AJAX can be leveraged to create web 2.0 solutions as it is quick and simple to utilize as well as reduces the page load time. Websites need quick web 2.0 solutions to be embedded with. AJAX is the perfect answer to that, for it is effective model to implement and deploy. Using AJAX, a server can asynchronously send and retrieve data through a web application without affecting the display and behaviour of the existing page.

HTML and CSS can be utilised in combination to mark-up and style information as AJAX is a mythical being may be a cluster of technologies. AJAX applications keep saving small amount of data while running and hence data loss is minimal when interruptions or it becomes easy to save a huge amount of data. This helps the pages to run fast and efficient without affecting the speed or the page to pause. This web application leverages more usability and responsiveness of diverse browser-based applications without installation and much maintenance. You will be able to simply get eliminate the lagging time using AJAX custom development Services. The website
visitors don't need to await a number of minutes to urge your web site loaded.


Using AJAX technology in web applications proves to be a significant challenge for developers concerned in adhering to WAI convenience guidance. Web Developers got to supply pullout choices for users on alternative platforms or browsers, as most strategies of AJAX execution rely on characteristics, presented on desktop graphical browsers.Web developers use AJAX in some cases to offer content solely to specific portion of a web page, permit data management while not acquisition the cost of re-rendering the entire page on the web browser.

Numerous noted applications are developed by deploying the AJAX such as Google Maps and G mail. These prestigious samples of Ajax usage demonstrate flexibility and effectiveness of the Ajax Custom programming model. AJAX custom programming is universally accepted OS. The pages developed by AJAX custom web development are quick loading and build the web process quicker. AJAX are often used for various parts like pop ups, dynamic graphics and fonts. We have extensive data of AJAX custom development. All our AJAX developers are technically sound and versatile. They deliver great leads in no time.

Who We Are?

Ooi Solutions, as an ecommerce website design company offers effective ecommerce web design services and module development solutions for small, medium and large scale enterprises. Our professional ecommerce website designers will constantly change according to the trends. We are the leading ecommerce website design company providing e-commerce solutions to our clients at affordable prices.

Our team of Ecommerce website designers and Ecommerce web developers will move closely with you and will know the requirements of your business and they will plan a strategy accordingly. Increasing online sales and brand awareness for our clients is our motto. Our competent ecommerce website designers and developers will develop a customized ecommerce website design to increase your brand awareness and online sales. Whether you are start up or well established one our ecommerce website solutions will boost your business sales.

Why Choose Us ?

Web developers at OOI Solutions have developed application sites derived from AJAX fundamentals that have a capability to open advanced pages at a click. AJAX development could be a bonus for many web applications. We have developed many internet applications using AJAX. The AJAX custom web development programmers at OOI Solutions have large experience in developing wealthy internet applications and web 2.0 based mostly in applications. With years of expertise in AJAX programming, we tend to are capable of developing dynamic web applications victimization AJAX. We will facilitate your web site to open at one click.

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