Project Overview

Timeless Furniture Gracefully Designed For Everyday Life. AMBROZIA is a contemporary furniture design and woodworking studio based in Québec, Canada. They cater to the global commercial and residential market, offering a collection of adaptable and timeless pieces.

Challenge / Solution Objectives

OOI Solutions accepted the assignment and set about creating a website that would include Ambrozia. Fashionable, Modern, and Bright are three words that come to mind while thinking of OOI's website theme. The home page encapsulated the core of Ambrozia's services. Ambrozia has given a Tear Sheet for download. It was decided to utilise high-resolution, optimised photos. To generate the photos, we enlisted the services of a four-person Photoshop team. The team at OOI Solutions focused on developing a tailored customer experience for the new Ambrozia website. We made sure the items were well-organized and simple to use, with important information linked to help buyers learn more.


Ambrozia's new website is the ideal approach to show off their product line and discounts to potential customers. The site performs well on a variety of devices, allowing Ambrozia to reach a larger audience and displaying their whole product line.