Online Survey

Market survey is the survey research and analysis of the market for a particular product/service which includes the investigation into customer inclinations. A study of various customer capabilities such as investment attributes and buying potential. Market surveys are tools to directly collect feedback from the target audience to understand their characteristics, expectations, and requirements.

Importance of Market Survey

  • Understanding the demand and supply chain of the target market.
  • Developing well-thought marketing plans
  • Figure out customer expectations and needs.
  • Accurate launch of new products.
  • Obtain information about customer demographics.

Market Research Survey

Do you want to determine how and where products are purchased?

Are you trying to discover customer needs?

Curious about the level of competitive positioning you have within a certain industry?

These questions can be answered through market research surveys. It allows you to find out “what your market thinks”.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Of all the different types of surveys, the customer satisfaction survey is probably the most widely used. This kind of survey can help companies and organizations quickly and accurately measure how pleased their customers are with their product, service, and event or with the company in general.

Brand awareness survey

Creating brand awareness is one of the first steps when building an audience. People being aware of what your brand stands for, what the meaning of your company name or logo is, simply being “memorable” is what keeps you competitive in your market.

Lead generation survey

A good lead generation survey will get you:

  • LEADS! Contact data of people who are interested in your product or service.
  • Qualification of those leads, by asking a couple of questions about their preferences you’ll know how ready they are to purchase and what they’re looking for.
  • Permission to contact new prospects when they opted in on your survey.

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