Facebook Leads

Approximately 1.62 Billion users visit Facebook on a daily basis. How many of these is your company targeting? Facebook has emerged as the most effective and ROI oriented lead generation platform. After successfully running thousands of ad campaigns, we have built a blueprint for highly converting Facebook Ads for every niche and Industry.

Exponential Growth using Lead generation through Facebook

Highest ROAS

We have been serving all sorts of companies spanning from startups to large corporations and B2C to B2B companies. With seasoned marketers handling ad campaigns, we optimize your ads for the highest ROAS.

Customer Data

The results for B2B companies are equally valid, and engaging and creative ads will help you get customer Data to build a highly converting lead list.

Lead Quality

We prioritize lead quality and make sure to build campaigns that generate highly converting lead lists.

Exponential Growth using Lead generation through Facebook

Facebook ads are a unique and revolutionary way to engage your target audience. The targeting options that you get on Facebook are more extensive than any platform in the world. Facebook ads have given birth to innumerable million-dollar companies, and we help you achieve similar success using the power of Optimized Facebook lead generation campaigns.

How does this work for new Companies?

Facebook has the most revolutionary lead generation platform and process. You can run a Facebook lead generation campaign without a website and get customer Data directly from the platform. Facebook presents your ad to a micro-targeted audience and gives them the opportunity to fill their Data in a pre-populated form.


Facebook leads can be used in every niche and Industry. Facebook’s algorithm allows you to target people of any particular location, interest, age, and numerous other factors. You can collect any information, including name, E-mail, Address, Contact numbers, and any other data. We have gathered meaningful information in setting Facebook lead gen ads for optimized results and help you achieve a high return on ad spend.


Why choose OOI Solutions?

We represent a team of Facebook ads, experts, and Facebook, as a social media platform is our forte. We understand both the algorithm and the secrets to customer engagement.

We will make sure to leverage our expertise in Facebook lead generation to help you get a substantial ROI from the money spent on ads. Facebook ads are more about understanding human psychology and the things that attract humans to take action. We incorporate all these techniques and hacks in the campaigns to get your results in the form of leads!

Let Ooi Solutions reform your online presence through dedicated Reputation Management Services. Our consistent efforts will help you tap on to right mediums for connecting with the audience.