Project Overview

A royalty free music can be downloaded, unlimited creative freedom for content creators are some of the notable points of Artlist. They are looking for a solution to keep bringing all into one platform.

Challenge / Solution


To Design sophisticated layout to the website

Need to provide download option to the subscribers

Mp3 to listen to music online

Payment gateway integration

Sign Up & Logins to Artists

Lot of music and videos will be added daily to the website which makes website to run slower. It is very difficult to showcase all the options based upon music category, sound effects and footage.

In order to give a fast and sophisticated look to the website we designed the website using Bootstrap and Azure. The Azure platform is secure, scalable and provides performance-efficient storage services in the cloud.


We are ready to launch the website and made this possible within 45 days. The website looks great as we had given it a classy look with black and yellow theme. Highlights have been made wherever it is necessary which brings a look to the website. Songs can be downloaded and restrictions have been added to Non-Subscribers and Subscribers.