Barathi Super Market

Project Overview

Barathi Super Market is a super-giant at Salem, Tamil Nadu. Since 1958 it is the trusted choice for its customers. They were looking to set a benchmark by increasing the customers within decade of time and stands as a luminary in the city of Salem.


Barathi Super Market Products has very high brand awareness and strong market reputation among their customers. They have their own brand identity and they want a strong online exposure, as it may help to retain their market share and their target audience. The major part of the project was to design a website with best functionality, user experience and optimization.

The homepage provides the details of what Barathi Market will offer. The website will represent in the colors that the brand reflects.


The total website that was designed from scratch uplifts the brand identity and its online presence. Training from Team OOI Solutions helped Barathi Super Market to upgrade discounts, coupons and adding up of products etc…  So its just not a rebirth of a site but of an whole brand.