Bicarasepakat | OOI Solutions

Project overview

They are into manufacturing industry and became a key sector for production and labour in European and North American Countries during the industrial revolution upsetting previous mercantile and feudal economies. They are familiar with digital platforms. They are looking for the best Digital partner who will look over all services like Website Designing, SEO and Google Ads and finally they reached OOI Solutions.

Problem / Solution

They want a simple, appealing website with information and service presentations that appropriately represents their brand.

1. Improve the overall visual and user experience to make the site more engaging and to build confidence and credibility.

2. Increase the amount of information available to have a better understanding of the company's goals and cultures.

3. A fully responsive website with a WordPress CMS that requires access from the Wells Lamont team for future updates.

The purpose of this project is to add depth to the site while keeping navigation simple. Bicarasepakat had already built a solid reputation. We wanted it to have a simple, modern look. To improve more of a connection with website visitors, we used their branding palette of red and black accents to draw greater attention to their all-new pictures.


The new site will undoubtedly increase the company's internet presence. We created a bespoke WordPress website for you that will boost your online presence, trustworthiness, and reach while also allowing you to connect more effectively with your clients. The new website presents a company that is clearly enthusiastic about its work.