Project Overview

Create a secure, simple timeline of your child's moments that last forever. A magical timeline capturing important moments in your child's life. They are looking for an online presence and reached OOI Solutions to create a website for them.

Challenge / Solution

The challenge is they want a single-page website where it is the initial contact to customers. There will be fewer colors utilized across the website. Wireframes are created and kept in front of the client. The client has given approval in 1st meeting itself. Made it more user-friendly by improving the user experience, usability, and accessibility. It must be totally responsive and supported by the WordPress CMS. Our objective for this project is to make the site much more useable for website users by redesigning and developing it.

The color scheme we chose will clearly reflect the hue of their logo. Our team paid greater attention to responsiveness, security, and the design we use. Our testing team checked for any vulnerabilities twice, and the Cherish team did the same. We published the website after receiving consent from both of them.


Cherish's demands were met by the website, which was built according to their specifications. The visitors' first point of contact will be the website, which will be fresh, modern, easy to navigate, responsive, and user-friendly.