Cool Point

Project Overview

Cool point AC Services provides all kind of repairs and services for AC and Refrigerators. They need an online presence and website to showcase their services all at one place. Also they are looking for Digital marketing strategy that will help them to gain more number of leads.


First and foremost hurdle is that they are new to digital platforms. They have no stuff on technical aspects. They wanted to complete the website in 4 days. OOI Solutions need to provide the best content strategy and work on design aspects. We approached this website design project by focusing on showcasing their services in a more attracting way to the visitors. We kept it simple by using their color combinations in design part and given vibrant feel. Enquiry form makes visitors to fill with their requests which will directly reach to the admin. Live chat supports the visitors to direct interact with the team. Whatsapp integration helps them to talk to the technicians about their issues with appliances. Finally website was ready to get live after multiple checks for browsers and devices compatibility.


Overall website is with clear paths and precise menu options. More CTA’s helps the visitors to interact with the team. Later OOI Solutions created a digital strategy to get more leads within their service area. Another Happy Client!