Dishanu Fashions

Project Overview

Dishanu Fashions are well known to customers in Malaysia and prefer to do business offline. Mrs. Gogi, founder and CEO of Dishanu Fashions, came to OOI Solutions to showcase their products online. They are new to platform and need to adopt it as soon as possible.


Challenge is that they are not into online platforms earlier. We have taken all the inputs from client, starting with Logo Design, its color combinations and Website layout. OOI Solutions helped Dishanu to create an online platform with a high resolution images, Speed loading pages, Customer interactive forms and payment gateway integration. We strive to keep Dishanu Fashions fit for the online platform and also fulfilling their unique needs while keeping them different on online. 


This website was designed and developed with the ultimate goal of providing an online platform for customers of Dishanu Fashions with an intension that they can buy all authentic products simply from Online. Purpose Served.