Hablax is an app where we can make international recharges, calls and can send messages to other countries.


• App Installs

• App Engagements

• Manage and optimize Google Ads campaigns to increase ROAS and online conversions.


The goal was the obstacle we faced. We must proceed at a moderate pace, but the client requires the work to be completed in less than six months. We recognize that achieving the goal will be challenging, but it is feasible. We began branding the website for the intended audience without wasting any time. For each aim, I created three distinct campaigns.

We've extended all ad groups with three related and diverse ad texts, and produced relevant extensions like sitelinks, callouts, structured snippets, call extensions, and location extensions in both English and other languages, with each campaign consisting of only one ad copy. When we looked at the searches that brought people to the dealer pages in the past, we noticed that they frequently used location keywords in their queries, such as "Texas International Calling App." We built a new ad campaign unique to these phrases and set a +20 percent bid by focusing on such location-oriented keywords.


Google's overall number of searches, views, and interactions has surged thrice. More App Installs and App Engagements result from traffic from different nations, resulting in a 67 percent boost. Google Local campaigns resulted in a 100% increase in installs. The cost per download for search marketing was reduced by 30%, while the cost per conversion for display advertising was reduced by 80%, thanks to highly optimized and targeted efforts.