Hidden Brain

Project Overview

Hidden Brain is IT Development Company in Malaysia which helps you to get success through their works. Hidden Brain takes the responsibility for your Digital Success. Hidden Brain came to OOI Solutions for a solution.


Hidden Brain is looking for a fresh look to their website. Color palette need to be green and white. Vectors images, illustrations and icons need to be used all over the website. Website need to be Search Engine friendly. As a website designing and development company they know how their website needs to be. After initial meeting we got the wireframes from our experts and are approved by Hidden Brain team.

Lots of efforts are made on designing it as this need to create in a way that it should be customized in future. Our team was ready to give maximum flexibility. The challenge is not only to design it in an eye-grabbing way but also need to keep the CMS management in future. Flexible page builder is used and our experts maintained consistency all over the website. After all complexities here comes the rigorous process of testing. We made it easy for any user from any browser on any device can able to go through the website without any issues.

As a Website Designing and Development company they too had similar testings and finally approved the website to be live.


We are proud of the output as it was the custom CMS developed by our skilled team of developers that evenly matched the expectations of our client. Thanks to the team, that we are able to create this masterpiece which catered to Hidden Brain needs.