Project Overview

Dr. Irma launches a new website and highly successful Google Ads Campaign For over 10years, Dr.Irma, headquartered in Malaysia, has been a leader in the cosmetic industry. Making it convenient for customers for ordering the products online, an e-commerce website is mandatory. With a customized website and with a perfect Google ads campaign, Dr. Irma has accelerated towards their initial goals.


Started with an outdated website and turned it into an optimized one. Making designing, development, and Digital marketing team combined, helped us to get better outcomes.

Keywords listed in 1st place of Google SERP

• Cosmetic Products

• Women Beauty Care

• Women Skin Care

• Natural Lotions

• Professional Skin Care

• Natural Beauty Products

• Beauty Products

• Skincare Products

• Eau De Parfum


• Sun Protection & Sunscreen


We increased AdWords spend with an emphasis on conversions. We have launched remarketing campaigns. Targeted to reach potential customers had succeeded and increased revenue to Dr.Irma 70% Less Spend Per Conversion 345% More Paid Traffic 522% Boost in AdWords Conversions