The best job search solution is one that rewards you for applying for and sharing jobs. Jobs007TM strives to make the job search enjoyable and interesting while matching you with the top tech jobs available. All you have to do now is fill out your profile and start applying.


• Increasing related web traffic,

• Driving phone calls to branches

• Increasing online sales and revenue.

• Increasing the number of app downloads.


Jobs007 intended to boost the number of inbound phone calls, as well as online sales and revenue. The first step was to rebuild all of the brand's AdWords advertisements from the ground up and commit to ongoing optimization. With the purpose of lowering the cost per conversion, we created a sophisticated search campaign structure. Jobs007 focused mobile improvements due to large volumes of mobile traffic. Making mobile bid modifications as well as deploying mobile-specific ad wording and extensions were all part of this.

A sophisticated remarketing approach provided exceptional deals to past site visitors in order to attract the attention of consumers who had visited the Jobs007 website but had not converted. Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) based on geography and generic keywords were used by Jobs007 to create targeted campaigns.


These methods paid off, as cost-per-click advertising through Google accounted for more than half of all digital traffic to Jobs007. Call extensions on mobile phones have a major impact on generating leads over the phone. The click-through rate for click-to-call extensions was 6% higher than in previous campaigns. Meanwhile, remarketing has become a significant source of revenue.

Only the brand search campaign generated greater money, with remarketing campaigns accounting for 40% of the total. Other search efforts earned considerably less online revenue than using RLSA to target the correct audience with the right message.