Lokspor Lokspor is a search and venue booking app for different sports. It is 2nd in India after Playo app which is providing the same kind of services.


• Obviously increase in a number of downloads.

• More brand awareness as it needs to beat the playo app.

• Achieve a wide Reach


Lokspor Group intended to elevate Lokspor to the next level, globally, by hosting an event that reflected Lokspor's brand positioning as a champion of small companies. Lokspor's first advertising campaign, Own Business Day, not only transmits messages about the company's brand and services but also turns Lokspor into a customer-centric app.

Playo will not be able to cover every location, which is where Lokspor will step in. We ran various Search, CDN, and Promotional ads to bring Lokspor to their attention. The search efforts included not only brand queries but also more generic Keywords commonly used by athletes. In terms of our GDN strategy, we created contextual, subject, and interest-targeted advertising with the goal of reaching out to Indian businesses.


As a result of the Lokspor campaigns, "Andhra Pradesh and Telangana were the States with the biggest reach and also promoted this event using Google AdWords." In addition to the Search campaigns, GDN and GDN Remarketing initiatives generated a total of 20,000 downloads for this special day within the advertised period.

On the ads that were broadcast 150.000 times, a total of 5.000 clicks were produced for Google Search Campaigns. For us as an agency, the most crucial component was to create an impact and engage many organizations and then get everyone to take advantage of the online offerings. This campaign demonstrated the effectiveness of combining online and offline activities.