Project Overview

The Malaysian National Society of Audiologists (MANSA) or Persatuan Audiologist Kebangsaan Malaysia is a professional association representing Audiologists in Malaysia. They want a website which will help to provide information about their events, member logins and to showcase the Broucher’s etc…


OOI Solutions had a few challenging things here:
To improve overall site navigation and structure that will help to the visitors for searching the related information.
Improve the user experience, usability and make it more user-friendly.
It needs to be a fully responsive which will be backed by Wordpress CMS.
Our goal for this project is to design and develop the site significantly more usable for website visitors. MANSA has already a great branding all over Malaysia, so we need to increase it. Our designing team used big and bolder images where it was necessary and also backed it up with content. The navigation was clear to visitors because of menu structure. The sticky menu will help the visitors to go to any page from anywhere in the website. The color palette we used will clearly represent their branding logo color. Our team was more careful about the responsiveness, Security and the CMS platform we are using. Our testing team double checked for any vulnerabilities and MANSA team cross checked the same. After approvals from both of them, we launched the website.


The website was really catering the needs of MANSA and it was according to their requirements. The fresh, modern, easy to navigate, responsive and user-friendly website will be an information provider for the visitors.