Modi Pearls

Project Overview

MODI a name provided by the Nizam of Hyderabad 125 years ago has become a family business brand name since its existence. In order to best represent their artistic works they need a website to be more in line with the live gallery experience.


Our goal with this website redesign project was to recreate the experience through clean, minimal design that lets the jewellery tell the story; simultaneously showcasing Modi Pearls Brand. We would deepen their content with new areas to showcase their designs and adding more layers to the visual story. Modi Pearls already had good branding. The main purpose of this new design is to give a more engaging look through improved design and layout. 


Finally the website is a new, professional design that reflects the strength of their brand. The user experience facilitates users to browse products of their wish. With more emphasis on their company profile pages, the Modi Pearls values are intertwined with the other site content for more complete storytelling.