Namaskar Services

Project Overview

Namaskar Services is the best home appliance service center providing its professional services since 1994. Since they are old, they are not active in digital platforms. They are looking for a good partner to design their website and they met OOI solutions. 


Since they are old, they can’t manage the website in future if we design it in other than wordpress. Of course wordpress is one of such platforms where there will be unlimited plugins to customize and manage. OOI Solutions started designing wireframes where home page tells us story about Namaskar services and some of their services. Individual pages will give the information in-depth about those services. Each and every page will have contact form and Get a Quote form is a custom plugin where it will be sticky to any page within the website.  All these forms will be integrated to email.
Namaskar Services had an established and recognizable logo, and a color palette. We strive to make it clear for the visitors who can proceed according to their different requirements. We more concentrated on softer typography, icons, and a clean and simplified design. All these together constitutes for a better UX and aesthetically pleasing website.

However they have asked changes in font color, size and total redesign of footer. Once the changes are done it was sent to testing team as usual. It was tested on 3 different browsers and 3 different devices as per the client requirement and got approval. Client was happy to make the website live.


The new website bolsters their brand by making it user friendly, increased its readability, getting quotes and fully functional. The services section puts the information front and center to the visitors. The get a quote button gives Namaskar services a platform to drive a sustainable growth in their business.