Operator 365


Rental Management Software for the Equipment Hire Industry is provided by 365 Software. Operator 365 is a global rental software solution brand that draws strength from its denim roots. With its excellent marketing strategy and respected brand positioning, Operator 365 implements the principle of "Perfect fit" and has a customer-oriented strategy and strong pricing.


• More than 1 million downloads were delivered

• An overall CPI of Rs.45 was maintained

• Downloads were steadily increased by lowering the cost per download

• UAC Campaigns must account for 80% of total downloads.


The universal app campaign settings were completely utilised; four ad descriptions, twenty creatives, and YouTube videos were utilised, and over 50 assets were tested over the campaign duration. You are mistaken if you believe UAC is simple because it is based on machine learning and requires little manual intervention. We quickly saw that success with UAC advertising was heavily reliant on the approach we took and the creatives we used. So, in addition to fine-tuning the CPI parameters,

We kept testing advertisements, creatives, and videos until we found the greatest results. Finding the winning assets was crucial to our success: the best-performing assets were maintained running while the worst-performing ones were replaced with new ones. We quickly recognised that different ad kinds worked better on particular platforms - video duration, size, dimension, and asset type - in addition to identifying winning creative components such as phrasing, colours, image, contrast, and so on.


Early data showed that UAC was the most effective channel for achieving brand objectives. As a result, the brand owner and we decided to reduce assigned marketing spending for other platforms and redirect them to the UAC channel, based on the Universal App Campaigns' performance. We achieved over 1 million downloads and kept the overall CPI at Rs.45 after six months of campaigning. UAC advertisements with a lower cost per download accounted for 90% of downloads.