Project Overview

Poket is digital customer loyalty program software, gaining insights on shopping behavior to pro-actively tailor personalized rewards. They are looking for a solution in Wordpress and to be filled with Info-graphics and animations.


 The Objectives are:
1.    A redesigned website more concentrated on branding
2.    Informative website with balance between Text, Info-graphics and animations
3.    Improve overall website user experience and website architecture for easier browsing.
4.    Improve trust and credibility by brand story telling
5.    A responsive website that will be backed up by wordpress.

The first and foremost challenge for our team is to maintain a balance between text and info-graphics. Initially our team sat with them in multiple meetings to understand their concept and then they jumped into creating wireframes. They are asking for more number of info-graphics and animations on the home page, where our team managed to satisfy them finally.

The ultimate goal of the website is to present visually the concept of POKET which helps to differentiate themselves from competitors. The color palettes we used for this is green and pink. The menu structure will be simple to navigate the customers and the white background will help to highlight each and every point all over the website.The text, icons, info-graphics and animations all together constitutes to bring a more professional look and feel to the visitors. Our designing team was finally looking for an approval from both POKET and our testing team. After rigorous testing and small changes the website was approved for going live.


Our website redesign is simply conceptualized on “pair concepts with meaningful info-graphics and animations”. The new POKET website has stronger appeal to business owners. It communicates clearly the conversion driving content about their pricing and features. It will help to guide the potential customers through the funnel.