Pudami Developers


Pudami Developers is serving the necessities of the real estate sector in India. Where they created an app and one can get the details of the particular site and blueprint anywhere in India. Goals Correctly configure Google Analytics Increase the number of online inquiries and sales from India. Increase ROAS and online conversions by managing and optimizing Google Ads campaigns. Lower the cost per download to increase app downloads.


We had to make sure that the Google Analytics tracking was set up properly before we could start optimizing the Google Ads campaigns and executing the ads. We did a short analytics check and found a few tracking errors. We started by adding missing event tracking label parameters, fixing live-chat, phone clicks, and contact form event tracking issues, and creating missing target conversions.

We've broken the country targeting into multiple areas and cities to make it more specific. We identified the regions and cities where leads and transactions occurred in the past using Google Analytics geo-location data and used these for campaign targeting. With all ad groups and diverse ad sets, we've increased the number of ad sets.

We kept a tight eye on each city's sales targets at all times and optimised accordingly. We optimised the locations by radius targeting and local bid optimization because the walk-in traffic to their Vijayawada and Rajahmundry sites are highly focused leads. We also established ad groups that were relevant to the area.


We've not only ensured that Google Analytics brought in only clean and accurate website data since the commencement of the Google Analytics audit and executing the Google Ads campaigns in July 2020, but we've also upgraded the Google Ads account from a city-by-city level to a pan-India one.

We received region-specific information due to the division of Google Ads campaigns into distinct regions. This data was significant since it revealed which cities people are most interested in and which cities convert more quickly after seeing the commercials. We were also able to observe how customers were contacting offices after viewing the advertising, whether through phone calls, live chat, or enquiry forms, thanks to the new tracking.