Project Overview

RELFOOD is an online food delivery company based in Vijayawada and official partner of IRCTC, founded in March 2017. They built an website and app where customers can order food online. They want to increase their brand awareness and OOI Solutions suggested to start with SEO and Google ads where it helps Relfood to get brand awareness and also leads simultaneously.


Their website was strong and simple and OOI Solutions don’t want to disturb the look and feel of the website. So we created more pages in footer and started doing SEO. Created campaigns strategically and targeted more number of keywords. Combined tactics of SEO and Google Ads had made us to get branding and leads at the same time.

Keywords listed in 1st place of Google SERP

• Book Food In Train

• Food In Train

• IRCTC Food Order In Train

• Order Food In Train

• Order Online Food In Train


Initially we spent Rs.1,00,000 as monthly budget at the starting stage of project where from 3rd month client had increased the monthly spend to Rs.3,00,000/- every month. 60% Less Spend Per Conversion 200% More Paid Traffic 500% Boost in AdWords Conversions