Project Overview

Reserved is a Polish brand managed by LPP S.A. Company – the biggest clothing manufacturer in Central and Eastern Europe with 25 years of experience. The outdated old website made Reserved team to redesign it according to their young and trendy customers.


Unlimited collections for Men, Women, Girls and Boys made navigation more complex. Individual pages for each product and with different color, images and size variations. We knew the website architecture needed to be simple to allow visitors to quickly find the products and make purchase. Our wireframes helped us to get the best navigation and layout. Creating an easy checkout process was also a priority for our team. We didn't want a checkout with too many steps or unnecessary required fields to dissuade visitors from purchasing.

The theme was simple with white and black combinations where we have given more importance for images. High resolutions images with big size will be a great impact on the visitors. The site was built on the Magento platform, which enabled easy ecommerce management for the team Reserved. We tested everything in multiple browsers and across different devices to ensure usability across them all.


The updated site with more improvements brought huge increase in online presence. After all the redesign goals are accomplished the site looks like a positivity for the brand. Now the website is no longer flat and boring, they could buy their desired dresses and accessories that were vivid.