Overall, it is an app that allows users to buy vegetables online. By utilizing Google's Smart Shopping tool for their paid search marketing efforts, we hoped to reach more potential customers and improve income for our clients.


• Boost App Downloads at Rs. 100 target Cost Per Install

• Raise App Awareness

• Increase Visibility in all Areas of The Google Network


Because the app was new and nobody knew about it, the first task was to raise awareness. As a result, a search campaign was built using both brand and generic keywords to direct consumers to the app's webpage, where they could learn more about it and download it. Our goal now was to increase app downloads after the successful launch of our branding efforts. We looked at the app's capabilities and came up with a list of all the different ad text and creative options.

Using maximum bids and budget, we paid special attention to our objective KPI. Finding the proper ratio was difficult at first because we needed to strike a compromise between achieving high-quality downloads while also not burning through our advertising spending too rapidly. As a result, we kept a close eye on the results and adjusted and optimized the CPI settings as needed.


UAC Campaigns become the most effective app download channel in a relatively short period of time. We discovered that UAC AdWords installs were of higher quality than those from other platforms, not simply because the download prices were inexpensive, and the reach was high.

The software was deleted less frequently, and users were more engaged. Sabhjidhaan benefited from a 50% lower cost per install while aiming for a CPI objective of Rs.100. Finally, we came up with a Rs.45 average cost per install.