Sure Thik

Project Overview

In 2011 SureThik was born. With one simple goal in mind; create the very best, high-quality products that are unique and distinctly better than anything else in the marketplace.  They came to OOI Solutions for a new website design.


Objectives are to:

  • Improve online reach and brand identity through branded storytelling. 
  • Improve overall site experience and usability.
  • Create user-friendly resources like search and filtering options to ensure maximum user value.
  • A fully responsive website built with shopify
  • A site multiple language options.

Our goal was to combine a smooth exploration experience with enhanced brand storytelling to highlight their passion and dedication to quality of their products. We have chosen White, blue and black as combination throughout the website which will be in an eye grabbing way. Finally it’s our testing team time to test the functionality and other parameters by testing it on multiple browsers and check for its behavior.


The Sure Thik team is satisfied with the website as it passed all the parameters given by them. The website was fresh and clean with aesthetic colors, user-friendly with search and filter options to the users. The clean, modern typography evokes Sure Thik’s approachable, professional brand personality. More importantly, the highlighted brand storytelling will increase trust and credibility for their growing brand.