Overview Here one can exchange products which they don’t want anymore and can take the required products from participants. They came to OOI Solutions to design a front end website.

Challenge / Solution Objectives

Team SWOP IT had asked an professional front end website as they already have an app. They fixed the colors White and yellow as brand colors, so we need to reflect all over the website.

The main thing in the website is to interlink the website with the products page. Products page will have a user login where one can sign up and post the products they want to SWOP. It has discussion forums, they can share it on social media platforms. Wireframes were used to create a layout that is both coherent and easy to traverse. Our designers picked simple, clean styles that reflect the product's high quality.

The style is white and yellow, with attractive, high-quality photographs of their items strewn throughout. It took 45 working days to complete the requirements, Testing completed and the website was ready for deployment. Our testing team, as always, carefully tested on a variety of browsers, behaviour, and other factors.


Once our team approved to launch the website, new SWOP IT Website rolls in! Visitors may easily browse personalized content or navigate through the smooth alternatives to get what they're looking for.