Vapi Basket


Vapi Basket is an online grocery, vegetables and fruits purchasing app where one can purchase from all of these with alternative payment options.


Their only goal, as they are new to online platforms, is to increase the number of software downloads and achieve a Reasonable Cost Per Download. The purpose of Vapi was to increase app downloads. We started with a test universal app campaign to evaluate how it went and determine whether UACs were the best way to achieve their goal in their business.

As a result, comprehensive analysis and design of the ad assets were essential. To allow the algorithm to learn, locate the top-performing assets, and offer these assets to the proper audience, we employed as many ad assets as possible. We quickly learned which banner sizes, wordings, and graphics were most effective.

We optimized the poor performing and low converting creatives a month into the campaign so that the system could continue to know and understand the current audience after app installs We began lowering the cost per install bid as soon as the learning phase was completed, in addition to optimizing the ad assets. By lowering the CPI bid, more downloads might be accommodated within the budget.


The app promotion has been successful from day one, with over 100 downloads and an average CPI of less than Rs.45 per download. The same method was applied in the remaining five nations, resulting in over 40 thousand impressions, 10,000 clicks, and 6,000 downloads in just three months.

The optimizations were carried out on a constant basis, resulting in a total of 40 thousand downloads in a year. The CPI bid was gradually dropped, resulting in a rise in the number of downloads month after month.