Xcem Impants

Project Overview

XCEM Implant Inc. was established in July of 2010. They are the manufacturers and distributors of Dental Implants and Accessories. They came to OOI Solutions with the following requirements

1. Reference of Website is Pink Blue
2. Multiple product prices/cost table with cashback.
3. Coupon code display pages/format.
4. Attribute table with filter section.

Challenge /Solution

This is a challenge to OOI Solutions as Pink Blue is one such website that is clear in displaying its products, the color combinations and the features etc… After initial phone calls, meetings, and consultations OOI Solutions has designed the website layout, functionality list and taken authorization from the client to proceed further. Finally deployed the website, once the output is as per the client.


Needing to manage over the products with Importing products data and order history, Product filtering and instant smart search are some of the features of Xcem Implants. Additional functionalities like, multiple product prices, cost tables with cashback, coupon codes, and attribute tables with filter sections have been integrated as per client requirement.