Yang Holistic Center

Project Overview

Yang Holistic Centre specializes in dealing with all sort of airborne virus strains. Yang Holistïc Centre believes that every sickness got to be treated with the right approach. They need a Static Website that provides some information about their treatments and visitors to register for their treatments.


Their objectives are:

  • Improve overall site user experience by making navigation and browsing easy to the visitors.
  • To design more content specific pages for better engagement and conversions.
  • Implement User-friendly, SEO-Friendly and socially focused website.
  • The website needs to build with Wordpress CMS.

We have included a new palette and more exciting colors to work into the design. We leaned into the light pink and yellow, which feel fresh and welcoming. Registration form was designed as per client requirement and linked to mail. Testing team has less work to do as most of the work has completed at designing level. Got approval from both the teams for making the website live. It was designed with wordpress platform where Yang Holistic team can make changes in future if required.


The new Yang Holistic Website is a significantly stronger user experience, with improved navigation and content. More information about preventions and their treatments is balanced with visuals. The subscription and registration forms will help the visitors to interact directly with the Yang Holistic team.