Yang Holistic Centre


Yang Holistic Centre set aside money to promote Google Ad ads before learning SEO best practices with OOI. They believed their SEO footprint wasn't large enough, with customers and the future in mind, and while self-education got Yang started, they wanted to learn more about SEO best practices. Yang Colors teamed up with OOI to create a new company website that prioritized SEO.


OOI started as usual with competitor analysis and keyword analysis. They also use OOI to understand the competitive landscape of search in the Spiritual Sickness and Healings using OOI tools. It is easy from OOI end to monitor and report of the strategy we are planning. On their website, OOI implemented Autopilot, which reduced image sizes by 30-40%. Site Audit was utilized on a regular basis to quickly correct any detected issues.

The Yang team used OOI Content to assist in the creation of fresh topics to increase organic traffic. To drive valuable keyword selection, the OOI team used Data Cube, Recommendations, and Instant.


With OOI, Yang Holistic Centre has witnessed fantastic outcomes. Yang has experienced an 85 percent rise in keywords ranked on page one and a 150 percent increase in keywords ranked on pages two through five since the new website went live in July 2019. They've also noticed a 120 percent boost in image ranking results. "Our organic traffic, as well as our rankings, have improved, resulting in more leads and new visitors." We wanted to improve, and OOI has assisted us in doing so." Yang says.