Crisis Management during CORONA Outbreak

Posted on: 2021-01-04

A crisis can be conquered through a fantastic amalgamation of Competencies and Talents

Coronavirus is more of an “Unprecedented Crisis”. Its rampant spread around the globe has compelled the organization to test the Crisis Management Plans.

Since workplaces are affected the most, employers are adopting new strategies to minimize the overall damage. The word“Damage”, incorporates both the health and productivity of your entire workforce.

Crisis Management during COVID –19, the New Normal

Crisis management in a holistic approach can be termed as a manner in which organisations deal with an unexpected or disruptive event. Coronavirus has similarly harmed organisations and itsstakeholders.


Threats CORONA VIRUS Crisis has brought

It has become evident that, while preparing marketing strategy one has to ensure that Ethics are at the right place. Incorporating websites, Blogs, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Apps, and Email are all significant drivers in online reputation.

Coronavirus has quite imperatively all the aspects of a crisis. This has negatively impacted production as well as operations. The prominent aspects organizations workforce has suffered the most are listed below

  • Financial Loses
  • Reputation Losses
  • Workforce Safety
  • Personal Health
  • Job Security
  • Personal finances
  • Childcare and home-schooling
  • Visibility of the employer
  • Remote working conditions
  • Work-life balance
  • Stress and mental health
  • Family health
  • Day-to-day Schedule
  • Social Isolation


How the Crisis Response Team can come to your rescue?

Irrespective of crisis, the business must run smoothly. Since COVID-19, is one of its situation where workforce and Employer haven’t been so vulnerable? To organizations abreast, we have outlined the top Crisis Management Tips.

Create a Crisis Management Plan

To combat situations like this, Employers need to have a solid proof strategy and plan. Here are a few pieces of advice for an efficient plan that will thrive in your organization.

  • Incorporate your employees in drafting, Managing & Reviewing Crisis Management plan
  • Look onto prominent lapses or issues that need to be fixed
  • Keep your plan flexible
Keep Your employees Updated

Yes, The Covid-19 situation has worsened various things and employees are under particular tension. The team helps to keep your employees calm with efficient internal

Employees’ Online Collaboration
  • Communicate Frequently and openly with your employees
  • Automate Guidelines import from WHO & other monitoring authorities
  • Keep relevant company information flowing amongst your employees.
Keep Customer Communication on Right Side

Since most of the operations are disrupted, it is necessary to keep your customer well aware. It is obvious to create crisis scenario’s where your customers are aware of your full-proof response plans.

  • Outline supply chain lapses
  • Keep the workflow pace, by dedicating resources in the best place.