Chat Boat Leads

Chat Bot Leads

Chabot’s are the present of business and their future is much brighter. According to Business Insider, 80% of the companies will be using Chabot’s by 2020. If you want to grow your business, you must be a part of that 80%. You can generate leads with the usual methods too. But these chat bot lead generation strategies can get you more effective leads. After all, only effective leads will convert into paying customers.

Chat Bot Lead Guarantee from OOI Solutions

The leads provided by OOI are generated through unique web platforms owned and managed by OOI Solutions. The leads go through a process of manual verification and qualification filter as per the BANT or other criteria set up at the start of campaign. All leads delivered by OOI are guaranteed to be manually validated and with a genuine requirement. OOI support team offers consultation and clients can ask for replacement of leads.

Get Hot Validated Business Leads!

  • We deliver quality, verified leads
  • Pay only for qualified leads
  • Customized campaigns
  • Zero risk game

How do we make a difference?

Less Sales Efforts

Our lead generation company reduces the pressure on your sales team by covering all aspects of generating hot, validated leads for your business. Our expert outsourced sales team members will be responsible for carrying out all your sales related activities.

Continued Follow ups

The team makes sure to follow up on the generated leads continuously with conversion rates moving swiftly in the favor of the company. We pull in the right lead and check on them once, before forwarding it to the company.

Draws in the Customers

We use inbound approach to generate the leads, which includes paid search marketing, content marketing, and opted email marketing. Our Lead generation company makes interactive marketing efforts to pull in the potential customers.

Are you a startup/ small organization struggling to acquire leads? Avail our Lead Generation Services to gain validated leads and expand your company by leaps and bounds.