Chat Bots

Chat Bots

Ooi Solutions Chatbots are the futuristic assistants that communicate in a human-like manner to offer solutions to customer queries. Moreover, a chatbot is extremely helpful in monitoring customer data and gaining insight on shopping trends.

Building a solution with Chatbot:

  • Identity for your Bot

    Ask questions like: Why are you building this bot? Who is your target audience? What problems will the bot solve?

  • Build your flow

    Well structured conversational flow is the core to building effective and engaging conversational interfaces.

  • Content is king

    The foundation of a chatbot is content. you want your bot to be as human as possible. It must be something people enjoy coming back to.

Chatbots can be implemented across different industry verticals as

Service will include:

Tailored live chat

Follow along as website visitors move from page to page. Capture critical information including if they’ve been onsite before, how they arrived (such as search engine keywords used), geographic information, and more. And use the information to deliver a truly personalized live chat service.

Customized Live Chat Tools Make it yours. Easy.

Using multiple engagement tools to enhance your business?

Business impacts can include reducing costs by enabling self-service in simple scenarios, delivering relevant information faster, and improving the customer experience.

Bring your vision to life with only one customizable chatbot for any side of your organization.

Let your creative juices flow quicker and unlock more uses of Chatbots!!

Let us help you to service your Customers quickly or manage your Visitors Data. Our proven Chatbots strategy works. We are connected to the right media channels to turn things around swiftly and discreetly.