Google Leads

Google Leads

Google receives more than 80 Billion visits in a month, making it by far the biggest search engine in the world. A big chunk of these searches is product and services related queries which are the first step to a potential sale.

We help you be at the helm of these searches and virtually get more Google ads leads than you can handle for your business. The opportunities with Google leads are endless, and we help you leverage its power and become a benchmark in your Industry.

Best ways to have an effective and optimized Google lead generation campaign
  • Focus on UI/UX

    The user interface and experience of your landing page can exponentially grow your conversions. There are hundreds of aspects and elements in an optimized page, and we help you ace all of them.

  • Display and Search Networks

    It is essential to leverage both display and search ads by Google. Each of them is totally unique and requires a separate approach.

  • Keyword Research

    Google is full of hidden keywords that have transactional intent and are available with low CPC rates. Keyword research is an essential factor and can exponentially grow conversions.

  • Creativity and copywriting in Ads

    The success of an ad depends on the design and copywriting skills used. You have to make sure to optimize ad campaigns by inculcating emotions and other marketing techniques in your ads.

Services we provide with Google Ads

Grow your business with Google Ads

We have been running ad campaigns for all sorts of companies, including startups and large corporations. The experience has helped us narrow our mission to delivering your message to the target audience. We will leverage our expertise in your niche to bring results for you!
  • Generate a constant flow of leads

    We brainstorm and prepare an optimized ad campaign for your business, which will continue to feed our business with meaningful leads.

  • Custom Resolutions

    We have custom resolutions to your Google ads lead generation requirements. We will make sure to prepare a custom campaign according to your needs and budget.

  • Inbound Calls

    Google ads are quite effective for brick and mortar offices, which depend on inbound calls for leads. We can prepare campaigns that are aligned to bring unlimited phone calls as leads.

Why choose OOi Solutions?

We are a team of Google lead generation experts who have been running ads for more than a decade now. We understand the algorithm and numerous tools that help us find hidden keywords, which significantly drop your Ads expenditure. A dedicated account manager will oversee each of our customers’ campaigns to make sure constant updates are done to increase the results every day.

Contact Us for a custom proposal and be prepared to dominate your Industry with unlimited leads!