Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Ooi Solutions have 10 years of experience in Data Recovery. As an experienced Data Recovery Specialists, we can help you to come out from data loss.

Data Recovery Steps:

  • Planning and Design

    Assess mission critical systems and applications, current infrastructure, cyberattack recovery time and recovery objectives in order to tailor a solution deployment.

  • Isolation and Replication

    Based on the outcome of the Planning and Design phase, a custom implementation of replication technologies will be completed.

  • Analytics

    Ooi solutions offer distinct advantages for analytics in an offline and controlled environment but it is also not intended to be a substitute for good end-point and cybersecurity tools.

Data Recovery services will work for

Service will include:

Our Unique Strategy

Every business has unique goals, IT requirements, and threats. Our Consulting experts work with you to develop processes and procedures that enable you to protect and recover your critical data in the event of a destructive cyberattack.


Restore and Recovery How It Works

Recovery procedures mostly follow standard processes, but special considerations apply across a variety of different scenarios. The steps usually follow invoking a cyber incident response plan, performing forensics and damage assessment, preparing the recovery, cleaning out the malware or rebuilding systems from gold-copy images of application and OS binaries, and then recovering the data back into the production environment.

The cyber threat is expected to increase as the world economy continues to digitize operations, supply chains, business transactions, and employee and customer services. Let us help you TO GET OVER IT.