Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

A company’s brand identity is a unique package of trademarks, color palettes, themes and graphic images that encapsulate the essence of the organization. Logos, slogans, and colors are all part of corporate identity design packages that make a company stand out from the rest of their competitors.

Corporate Identity required at three Types:

  • Branding

    First, let me tell you that brand’s image exists nowhere in the office, among the public relations team or in the CEO’s discussions.

  • Corporate Identity

    Developing a strong identity in this competitive world is not easy. You have to consider everything with equal importance, be it as big your product or as small as the color of the logo

  • Improving Reputation

    Creating a good reputation is certainly not an overnight job. One needs to look upon several aspects and work on them effectively. A good brand identity helps in creating a strong visibility that further develops an identity.

Three Components of Brand Identity Design Services

Service will include:

Our Brand Identity Design Process

Ooi Solutions uses marketing industry-leading guidelines to help us help you in determining your brand and establishing customer brand awareness.

In our corporate identity design services, we provide a comprehensive full-suite set of services that ensure you’re ready to launch your new company or reveal your brand-new identity to your loyal customers

Your brand strategy gets us excited!

What Split Reef Does for Your Company’s Brand


You won’t be forgotten in the minds of your target audience, it’s as simple as that. We make sure you stand out and are recognized.


With an established brand identity from our corporate identity design services, your branding will stick out from your competitors and create a legacy for your company.

Create Desire

Through emotion- and thought-provoking images and graphics, Split Reef gives your company the tools to create desire for your products and services through excellent brand identity design services.

Ooi Solutions use our Custom design and branding skills to create or refresh an appealing Corporate Identity and Branding strategy that will make a lasting good impression on our customers