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Subtle choices in your Internet marketing methods can shift your website’s performance, which is why it’s vital to notice and check every cog in your site’s performance. Statistics and rates can tell you considerable things about how visitors’ value, use, and interact with your site — and that’s where web analytics become useful. Analytics about your web data offer plenty of intel that levels the playing field against your competition. If you want to press forward and dominate your industry, you need expert web analytics services to interpret and accelerate your site’s growth.

Why is Web Analytics Important?

How Do We Implement Web Analytics Using Your Data?

Web Analytics

Analytics Consulting

Our web analytics consultants will audit your current analytical practices and get a thorough understanding of your business goals. Our firms believe in setting the foundations right.

With information available through analytical audit, we conduct research to discover opportunities and implement new strategies to gather data relevant to your business.



This entails setting up a tracking code for your website, as well as setting parameters, custom dimensions, goals recommended in the decision stage of the analytics project.

The continuous process of digital and data analysis leading to action are analysed and optimized. Reports generated from the analytical tool are studied regularly by our web analytics consultants to make sure the data captured is clean and relative to your business goals.


Having worked across 100+ clients, OOI Solutions managed spends worth Rs. 100+ Crores across a wide spectrum of industries.

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OOI Solutions specializes in boosting the ROI. Our marketing strategy will ensure your business skyrockets in your domain crushing all the competition.

We helped business gain speeds by following a unique methodology. We have the secret sauce to make your business gain pace in the market.

Unique Methodology

Web analytics revolves around the practice of gathering, reporting, and evaluating website data. This data lends insight into user behavior through helpful metrics and reveals how well you’re Internet marketing campaigns work.