Crisis Management

Crisis Management

Online Crisis Management is more preparing organisation for the possible mishap. They are prominently dedicated to forging to protect assets, brand & finances protection under crises. Our team of experienced professionals with a proven skillset will help you over severe Social Media Crisis Management.

At Ooi solutions, our team will anticipate possible losses and way to recover. The sole idea we thrive upon is to create stronger and safer organisations. Our predictive analysis strategy has saved stakeholder, customers & revenue department from significant loses.

  • Identify Potential Risky Social Listing

    It is always wise to wind up crises before it’s born. At Ooi solutions, our social media crisis management team closely analysis all possible anti-brand social media sentiments. We closely analyse all offensive social listings and malicious activities associating brand.

  • Engage with your audience, Don’t Argue

    Engaging with your audience is more important during crises. Simply reading press statement won’t stop all insecurity amongst your audience. Our team closely performs in-depth messaging amongst your customers and ensure confidence building. We build confidence-building channels over your social media.

  • Prioritise Internal Communication

    As a leading social media crisis communication strategy company, we believe the significance of every communication made on every front. Seamless internal communication amid an internal team of company prevents the spread of misinformation. Our team prioritises and screens social media communication made by company employees.

Aspects we consider at Online Crisis Management

Benefits our customer receive

Since crises are quite a part ofthe business community, it is necessary to have a solid crises management plan. Crises often leave deeply impact brand and leave them vulnerable on multiple facades. To prevent possible succumbing to possible condition.

The objective at Ooi solutions is dedicated to exposing all possible damage that company can experience. The holistic planning helps our executives make the best out of all circumstances. We provide our companies with state-of-the-art solutions.

Our proficiency in sailing our clients through personal and business litigations. The eminent team spread across the country helps us create the best possible social media crisis plan.

Why a Social Media Crisis Communication is necessary

What we do for Crisis Management

Business continuity protocols
The planning team considers all worst possible events, natural or manmade while planning contingency plans. We deeply analyse all possible methods, policies and tools that might help or distort company growth amid crises.

24*7 Monitoring
We take evident part in consistently monitoring overall progress and data simulation during crises. Our online crisis management team associates on a real-time basis, to minimise crises impact.

Since crises are quite a part of businesses, they need to predicted and mitigated for their arrival. The team of crises management closely anticipates and prepare Social Media Crises exit plan.

Crises simulation
We develop all possible scenarios that might occur during a social media crisis management. The team performs according to the guidelines laid. This helps our partner grow in all possible situations.

Real-time Response
The team of experienced social media experts’ crises management specialists is enforced directly to the company’s management. We are all braced up to team deployment amid certain hours of social media and crisis management.

We ensure to leave a minimum of all impact on existing infrastructure whether it’s employees, company or your customers.